Probation Staff Builds Skills in Management of Sexual Abusers

Probation Staff Builds Skills in Management of Sexual Abusers

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

District and administrative probation staff attended the 2019 Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers Conference as part of the ongoing effort to improve investigation and case management within the State of Nebraska.

Several probation staff attended the conference to ensure Nebraska probation practices and assessments are in line with national advancements and new developments. This opportunity was grant-funded through the Violence Against Women Act STOP grant.  

The annual conference is the premier event in the field of adult sex offenders and juveniles who sexually harm others. Featured sessions focused on the most recent research and evidence-based practices regarding risk assessment, evaluation, treatment, and case management. The conference brings in students, researchers, clinicians, professionals, and world-renowned experts in the field, both as presenters and conference attendees, allowing many opportunities for networking.  

Probation staff enhanced their knowledge in many topic areas, including:

  • The relationship between treatment providers and probation officers
  • Principles and practices in the treatment of sexual abusers
  • Child exploitation materials and the internet
  • Attachment and the relation to sexually harmful behaviors in adolescent males
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and youth who sexually harm

With this enhanced education, probation staff members are better able to assess individuals who sexually harm, provide more comprehensive investigations, give specific recommendations, and target successful case management interventions. Probation staff strives to continually improve relationships with service providers leading to a reduction of risk for the individual, protection of victims, and increased safety in our communities.