Problem-Solving Court Judge Robert Otte Honored at Retirement

Problem-Solving Court Judge Robert Otte Honored at Retirement

Monday, December 5, 2022

On November 16, 2022, a reception celebrating the retirement of Judge Robert R. Otte was held at the Lancaster County District Court.  The reception was attended by Lancaster County Judges, Probation Officers, Problem-Solving Court team members, and family and friends. 

Judge Otte was gifted a plaque that included a poem written by a Veterans Treatment Court participant:

Second Chance

Some days far past I try to remember, for those I do I want to forget.
Things said, things done, I just cannot believe
The truth to my life I wish I could have seen.
Some family, some friends are helping me to understand
Giving me strength and courage and always a helping hand.
For there was something waiting that I was just too blind to see
The Bland I put on everyone not realizing it was just me.
Heavenly Father gave me a prayer and the power to overcome
But that’s what he did for all of us and not just for some.
He said to me my child, rise up and take that stance
For he gave me new love, a new life, he gave me a Second Chance.

Pictured is Judge Robert Otte being presented with the plaque.