Statewide Register of Interpreters

Statewide Register of Interpreters

Court Staff, Probation Staff and Court-Ordered Mediation

Court and Probation staff are to email all interpreter requests to with the county name in the subject line.  The only exception to this is for Douglas, Lancaster, and Sarpy counties.  They may continue to email their on-site Operations Team member directly:


The Language Access Program does not pay interpreters used to facilitate communication between an attorney and client outside of a hearing.  Interpreters can assist with brief ex parte conversations if time allows.  As a rule, attorneys should contract interpreters when they need to meet with their clients to discuss their case, court processes, and strategy.  Use the Statewide Register of Interpreters below to reach out to the interpreters for their current rates and availability.  

“To address these needs, the Nebraska Legislature, under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 and LB1014, set aside $500,000 in federal funds for Fiscal Years 2022-23 and 2023-24 to reimburse expenses incurred in the provision of qualified, licensed sign language interpreters (whether on-site or remote) throughout the state (including Lincoln and Omaha) to provide effective communication access services between attorneys and deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing individuals outside of the courtroom.”  Click here for more information or contact the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.       

Mental Health Board Hearings, Non-Court Ordered Mediation and State agencies

The Language Access Program does not pay for the interpreter in these instances.  Use the Statewide Register of Interpreters below to reach out to the interpreters for their current rates and availability.  

Workers Compensation Court

The Language Access Program will pay for the interpreter, but it is the employer’s obligation to schedule the interpreter.  Use the Statewide Register of Interpreters below to find and secure an interpreter.  Interpreter fees and expenses are fixed and ordered paid in accordance with the Court Interpreter Fee schedule established by the Supreme Court.  Please note that payment may be denied if the Fee Schedule is not adhered to.

Language Name Type Citysort descending Phone Email
Spanish Lissette Gilster Registered Lincoln, NE 402-326-3956
French, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahili Jacques Mucapa Other Lincoln, NE 402-805-3674
Liberian, Krio, Bassa Lois Akumeh Other Lincoln, NE 402-560-1124
Tagalog Loraine Perez Other Lincoln, NE 402-802-8110
Karen Paw Wah Other Lincoln, NE 402-405-3554
Russian Victoria Welles Certified Lincoln,, NE 402-770-1176
Akateco, Q'anjobal, Chuj Victor Enrique Lopez Diego Other Los Angeles, CA 213-725-6567
Akateco, Q'anjobal, Chuj Juan de Juan Mateo Other Los Angeles, CA 213-247-4247
Slovak, Czech Adam Zahradnik Other Malaysia, 6012-988-0638
Nepali Puspa Luitel Other Mason, OH 513-834-0190
Spanish Teresa Ost Certified Matlacha, FL 239-471-4900
Romanian Tatiana Narzarco Certified Mercer Island, WA 206-619-5655
Chatino Albino Cruz Vasquez Other Mexico, 011-52-1-9511250371
Hatian Creole Fabie Bodek Certified Miami, FL 786-253-5322
Somali Abdi Elmi Certified Minneapolis, MN 612-423-1022
Oromo, Amharic Addisu Aedu Other Minneapolis, MN 612-426-1209
Russian Iouri Surnik Certified Minneapolis, MN 612-203-0908
Ukrainian Iouri Surnik Other Minneapolis, MN 612-203-0908
Spanish Sarah Sosa Certified Mitchell, NE 308-641-5838
Albanian Anila Mayhew Other New London, OH 509-302-8962
Hmong Tou Houa Lee Certified Oakdale, MN 651-442-7014
Tajik, Persian/Farsi/Dari Gila Khabbaza Other Odenton, MD 917-837-6902
Arabic Gila Khabbaza Certified Odenton, MD 917-837-6902
Korean Young Lee Certified Olympia, WA 360-789-3186
Czech Petr Hoferek Other Omaha, NE 402-203-2816