Medicare Subsidies and "Extra Help" for Low Income Beneficiaries

Medicare Subsidies and "Extra Help" for Low Income Beneficiaries

Office of Public Guardian

Guardians and/or conservators are typically responsible for maintaining all public benefits for which their ward or protected person is entitled. The Medicare Savings Program (MSP) assists individuals in paying for their premiums through a state subsidy. Assistance is available for Medicare Parts A, B, and D and depends on the individual’s income and countable resources. For more information about the Medicare Savings Program, click here.

If your ward or protected person meets criteria and is potentially eligible for the “Extra Help” program, the Social Security Administration oversees the process. See if your ward qualifies for Extra Help by visiting the SSA website, where you can apply on their behalf if they are eligible!

Once you have learned about the assistance available from federal agencies, consider contacting DHHS to find out if your ward qualifies for the Medicare Savings Program subsidy for Medicare Part A and B benefits. You can find that information on DHHS's website here.

Does all of this have you completely and utterly confused? You are not alone! Consider contacting the Nebraska SHIP program for assistance. Nebraska SHIP exists to educate and empower seniors and people with disabilities to make informed choices about their health insurance. All counselors are certified and neutral, so they will provide unbiased information.