Contact Someone in Your Area

Contact Someone in Your Area


Please email or call the individual listed below whose service area corresponds to the area where you filed for guardianship and/or conservatorship.

*We highly recommend email as the preferred method of communication - it is likely to yeild the quickest response to your questions. 


1 Panhandle Area, Scottsbluff

Stacy Rotherham

(308) 672-7433

2 West Central Area, North Platte

Jana Krzyzanowski


3A Mid Central Area, Kearney

Michelle Moore

(308) 627-9768

3B Mid Central Area, Hastings

Annette Scarlett

(308) 218-7388

4 Northeast Area, Norfolk

Lisa Ludden

(402) 992-5560

5A East Central Area, Lincoln

Joe Johnson


5B East Central Area, Lincoln

Jena Davenport

(531) 333-6236

5C East Central Area, Lincoln

Alicia Husted

(402) 440-7740

6A East Area, Omaha

Thomas Holdt

(402) 416-4503

6A East Area, Omaha

Jennifer Cunningham

(402) 536-0315

6B East Area, Omaha

Kimmie Fox

(402) 405-6893

6B East Area, Omaha

Amie Wergin  


6C East Area, Omaha

Susan Mitchell

(402) 431-3521

6D East Area, Omaha/David City

Erin Wiesen

(402) 350-0176

7 Southeast Area, Papillion/Falls City

Janelle Cantu

(402) 681-1929