In re Interest of Branden S.

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In re Interest of Branden S.

Case Number
Call Date
December 16, 2015
Case Time
1:00 PM
Case Summary

A-15-0245, In re Interest of Branden S., A Child under 18 years of age. State of Nebraska v. Branden S. (Appellant)

Separate Juvenile Court for Douglas County, Judge Vernon Daniels

Attorney for Appellant: Mary M. Zerse Stevens (Carlson Burnett Law Firm)

Attorneys for Appellee: Anthony M. Hernandez & Elizabeth McClelland (Douglas County Attorney's Office)

Juvenile Action: First degree sexual assault

Action taken by the Trial Court: The trial court overruled Branden's renewed motion to suppress, found the allegations of the petition true beyond a reasonable doubt, and found Branden to be a juvenile within the meaning of Neb. Rev. Stat. ' 43-247(2).

Assignments of Error on Appeal: Did the trial court erred in overruling Branden's motion to suppress the video and transcript of his interrogation by law enforcement and receiving it into evidence as a confession? Did the trial court err in adjudicating Branden as a juvenile within the meaning of ' 43-247(2)?

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Moore, Chief Judge, Irwin, and Inbody, Judges