Glossary to Documents

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Glossary to Documents

A written statement of facts made under oath

Bond form
Signed by Defendant, promising to appear as scheduled; shows monetary amount or condition of pretrial release from custody

Electronic or handwritten ticket generally issued by law enforcement officer

Formal charging document filed by prosecuting attorney

An accusation of some criminal offense in the nature of an indictment, but which is presented by a competent public officer such as a county attorney instead of a grand jury.

Journal entry 
This is the written record of a hearing’s proceedings in summary form.

Application to court to obtain a ruling or order in favor of applicant

Pre-sentence Report (PSI)     
Investigation of defendant completed by probation; contains personal information, criminal history, and screenings; designed to provide information to the Court for sentencing purposes. The PSI is confidential.

Pretrial Release

Probable Cause         
A Constitutionally prescribed standard of proof; a reasonable ground for belief in the existence of certain facts.



Revised 1/2019