Sandra Edler

Nebraska Mediation Center
Supervisory Status
SADR Trained

One of the reasons why I want to be a trained mediator is because of my position as a legal assistant. I have worked for an attorney specializing in family and juvenile law for the past 16 years. This attorney was a board member with the mediation center during its transitional years and during that time, I witnessed the beginning of what is now the Nebraska Mediation Center. Because it is our office protocol for the assistant assigned to the case to sit in on appointments, I am able to listen to the client and the attorney discuss the parenting plan, and then draft the plan with the attorney. This familiarity with parenting plans is very beneficial to my role as a mediator. I have enjoyed my training experience and participating in mediation sessions. It is very gratifying to see parents realize that they can establish their own parenting times with their children and make plans for holidays and birthdays in a less stressful environment. I look forward to helping many more families in this very meaningful process.