Self-Represented Litigation Committee

Self-Represented Litigation Committee

Origin/Authorization: Nebraska Supreme Court consultation minutes created the committee February 26, 2003, the committee’s name was changed per consultation minutes January 22, 2015.  Nebraska Supreme Court consultation minutes made the committee a standing committee of the Access to Justice Commission, March 20, 2017.

Mission Statement: To engage in continuing analysis and study of the challenges which self-represented litigation poses for court staff, the judiciary, and the practicing bar; to continue assessment of the challenges to the right of self representation which the judicial system currently presents; to propose solutions or improvements in response to such challenges to the Nebraska Supreme Court; and to implement the recommendations of the Self-Represented Litigation Committee which the Nebraska Supreme Court approves.


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Member Title/Organization Appointment Date

Judge Frankie Moore, Chair

Court of Appeals


Judge Rachel Daugherty, Vice Chair District Court, 5th Judicial District 2/28/18
Judge Horacio Wheelock District Court, 4th Judicial District 2/28/18
Judge Michael Piccolo District Court, 11th Judicial District 1/22/15
Judge Leo Dobrovolny District Court, 12th Judicial District 10/16/13
Judge Timothy Hoeft County Court, 10th Judicial District 11/18/15
Judge Richard Smith County Court, 1st Judicial District 1/1/23
Judge Julie Martin Workers' Compensation Court 2/06/19
Sara Fowler Clerk Magistrate, Hall County 1/1/23
Vickie Prince Clerk of the District Court 2/28/18
Valorie Bendixen Trial Court Services Directior for District Courts 11/10/21
Sheryl Connolly Trial Court Services Director for County Courts 12/11/19
Liz Neeley Executive Director, Nebraska State Bar Association 10/16/13
Dave Sommers Executive Director, Omaha Bar Association 2/06/19
Prof. Kevin Ruser University of Nebraska School of Law 2/26/03
Diane Uchimiya Creighton Legal Clinic 1/1/23
Christon MacTaggart Executive Director of Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence 1/1/23
Shannon Seim Director of Volunteer Lawyers Project, Nebraska State Bar Association 1/1/23
Muirne Heaney Access to Justice Attorney, Legal Aid of Nebraska 2/28/18

Ann Borer

Director of the Douglas County Law Library


Maureen Eck State Library, Deputy Librarian 2/28/18
Kelly Riley Office of Dispute Resolution 12/11/19

Marsha Fangmeyer

Attorney, Knapp Fangmeyer Aschwege Besse & Marsh


Scott Hahn

Attorney, Koenig Dunne


Corey Steel

State Court Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation


Sherri Dennis IT Applications Analyst, Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation 1/1/23
Wendy Wussow Clerk, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals 1/1/23
Amy Prenda Access to Justice Commission 2/26/21
Kelli Wood Deputy Administrator, Judicial Branch Education 1/1/23