State obo Maddox S. v. Matthew E.

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State obo Maddox S. v. Matthew E.

Case Number
Call Date
November 12, 2015
Case Time
9:30 AM
Case Summary

A-15-80, State obo Maddox S. v. Matthew E. (Appellant) v. Stephanie S.

Lancaster County, District Judge Steven D. Burns

Attorneys for Appellant: Terrance A. Poppe and Andrew K. Joyce (Morrow, Poppe, Watermeier & Lonowski, P.C.)

Attorney for Appellee Stephanie S.: Pro Se

Civil Action: Modification of Paternity Decree---Parenting Time, Legal Custody

Action Taken by Trial Court: The district court maintained legal and physical custody of Maddox jointly with the parties. The court modified the parenting time to reflect an equal 50/50 split with a weekly rotating parenting time schedule; ordered that the party having parenting time be the short-term decision-maker for Maddox; ordered Stephanie to be the final decision-maker with regard to extracurricular and sporting activities and recurring or long-term medical, dental, and eye care needs; and ordered Matthew to be the decision-maker with regard to Maddox's education and religious upbringing.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: Matthew assigns that the district court erred in (1) finding that a material change of circumstances existed and by modifying his parenting time from 9 days to 7 days out of 14, and (2) determining that joint legal custody was in Maddox's best interest.

Case Location
Panel Text
Pirtle, Riedmann, and Bishop, Judges