State v. Rodriguez

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State v. Rodriguez

Case Number
Call Date
March 30, 2017
Court Number
Case Summary

S-16-0563, State v. Henry O. Salvador Rodriguez (Appellant)

Sheridan County, Judge Travis P. O'Gorman

Attorneys: Siobhan E. Duffy (Attorney General's Office) --- Travis Penn (Penn Law LLC) (Appellant)

Criminal: Possession with intent to deliver (Methamphetamine); greater than 10 grams

Proceedings below: The court overruled Appellant's motion to suppress evidence. After a trial to a jury, Appellant was found guilty of the crime. He was sentenced 8-12 years in prison.

Issues: Appellant argues the district court erred in (1) overruling Appellant's motion to suppress the evidence obtained from a warrantless search of his home; (2) allowing evidence of past methamphetamine use by Appellant; (3) failing to give a limiting instruction concerning to what purpose the evidence of past methamphetamine use could be used; (4) overruling his objections to the State's closing arguments.