State v. Tyson

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State v. Tyson

Case Number
Call Date
October 14, 2015
Case Time
9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-15-0054 State v. Laronn R. Tyson (Appellant)

Douglas County, District Court Judge Kimberly Pankonin

Attorney for Appellant: James J. Regan

Attorney for Appellee: Douglas J. Peterson and George R. Love (Attorney General's Office)

Criminal Action: Possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person

Action Taken by Trial Court: A jury found the appellant guilty of possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person and the trial court sentenced him to 16 to 20 years' imprisonment.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: The appellant contends that the trial court erred in (1) refusing to allow him to present evidence under ' 27-801(4)(a)(i) as to prior inconsistent statements made by a law enforcement officer; (2) by imposing an excessive sentence.

Case Location
Panel Text
Irwin, Inbody, and Riedmann, Judges