Supreme Court Commission on Guardianships and Conservatorships

Supreme Court Commission on Guardianships and Conservatorships

Origin/Authorization: Consultation Minutes of December 19, 2012

Terms: At the Pleasure of the Court. No term limitations.

Purpose Statement: To engage in continuing analysis and study of statutes, court rules, and court procedures relating to guardianships and conservatorships; to examine the challenges these laws and procedures pose for court staff, the judiciary, the practicing bar, vulnerable adults and children and their legal guardians and conservators, and other professionals and service providers working with protected persons and wards; to propose solutions or improvements both within and without the judicial branch in response to such challenges; and to support the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission which the Nebraska Supreme Court approves.



Name, City Composition Appointment Date

Hon. Francie Riedmann, Gretna

Co-Chairperson, Court of Appeals Judge 12-19-12

Hon. Holly Parsley, Lincoln

Appointed co-chair 11-13-19

Co-Chairperson, County Judge, 3rd Judicial District 12-19-12

Hon. Todd Hutton, Papillion

Appointed co-chair 8-5-16

Appointed County Court Rep. 11-13-19

County Judge, 2nd Judicial District 8-5-16
Hon. Sheryl Lohaus, Omaha County Judge, 4th Judicial District 8-5-16
Hon. Donna Taylor, Neligh County Judge, 7th Judicial District 12-19-12
Hon. Tami Schendt, Broken Bow County Judge, 8th Judicial District 12-19-12
Vacant District Judge  
Sara Gunderson, Ponca Clerk Magistrate, 6th Judicial District 10-25-23
Keri Pritschau, Lincoln Division Manager, Lancaster County Court 11-9-22
Mary Newman, Omaha Adjunct Professor at UNO, Formerly Deputy Chief, Omaha Police Department 12-19-12
Cindy Koenig-Warnke, Lincoln Investigator, Lincoln Police Department 5-6-15
Michelle Chaffee, Lincoln Director, Office of Public Guardian 11-25-15
Jina Ragland, Lincoln Associate State Director for Advocacy and Outreach, AARP 11-13-19
Madhavi Bhadbhade, Lincoln Volunteer Court Visitor 6-16-16
Ben Kroeze, Lincoln Adult Protective Services Supervisor, DHHS 5-6-15
Bruce Cudly, Lincoln Developmental Disabilities Region V 12-19-12
Eve Brank, Lincoln Professor, Law/Psychology, University of Nebraska Lincoln 12-19-12
Mark Collins, Lincoln Chief of Medicaid Fraud & Patient Abuse, Attorney General Office 11-9-22
Diane DeLair, Lincoln Senior Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Nebraska 10-24-18
Jerry Stilmock, Syracuse Associate General Counsel, Nebraska Bankers Association 12-19-12
Molly Blazek, Omaha Attorney 11-13-19
William Lindsay, Omaha Attorney 12-19-12
Lisa Line, Omaha Attorney 11-13-19
J. Terry Macnamara, Omaha Attorney 12-19-12
Susan Spahn, Omaha Attorney 12-19-12
Jayne Wagner, Omaha Attorney 11-13-19
Joanne Farrell, Lincoln Social Worker, Aging Partners, Retired 12-19-12
Corey Steel (ex-officio), Lincoln State Court Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation 5-6-15
Sara Draus, LICSW, Lincoln Manager of Therapy and Social Work Services, Behavioral Health Services, Bryan Medical Center West 11-9-22
Senator Wendy DeBoer State Senator, District 10 5-15-23
Jessica Harris, Lincoln DHHS Program Coordinator - Legal Assistance Developer for Medicaid and Long-Term Care 10-25-23