Exhibit A - Statement of Understanding of Ethical Considerations

Exhibit A - Statement of Understanding of Ethical Considerations

Statement of Understanding of Ethical Considerations

   In the performance of their duties, the judicial nominating commission members shall be ever mindful that they hold positions of public trust. No commission member shall conduct himself or herself in a manner which reflects discredit upon the judicial selection process or discloses partisanship or partiality in the consideration of applicants. Consideration of applicants shall be made impartially, discreetly, and objectively. A commission member shall disclose to the commission all personal and business relationships with a prospective applicant that may directly or indirectly influence his or her decision. After certification of a list of sufficiently qualified applicants to the Governor, no commission member shall attempt, directly or indirectly, to further influence the ultimate decision of the Governor. No attempt shall be made to rank such nominees whose names are made public or to otherwise disclose a preference of the commission.

   In accordance with the above ethical considerations, I will accept the following responsibilities:

   1. I will disclose any conflict of interest that I may have with any of the applicants.

   2. I will avoid preselection of nominees, "hidden agenda," or consideration of factors other than the merit of the applicants.

   3. I agree not to discriminate against any applicant because of the applicant's race, religion, gender, political affiliation, age, or national origin.

   4. I will not divulge any of the applicants' confidential information or the commission's deliberations except as provided by the Judicial Nominating Commission rules.

Exhibit A amended December 21, 1994.