§ 1-802. Definitions.

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§ 1-802. Definitions.

   (A) Trial Courts are District Courts, County Courts, and Separate Juvenile Courts.

   (B) In Electronic Form means information which exists as data in the fields or files of an electronic database.

   (C) Case Management System (CMS) is computer system designed to monitor and track court filings and events, and to account for all financial information in that case. JUSTICE is the case management system developed and maintained by the State Court Administrator's Office.

   (D) Public includes:

   (1) any person and any business or non-profit entity, organization, or association;

   (2) any governmental agency for which there is no existing policy defining the agency's access to court records;

   (3) media organizations; and

   (4) entities which gather and disseminate information for whatever reason, and regardless of whether it is done with the intent of making a profit, without distinction as to the nature or extent of access.

   (E) Public does not include:

   (1) court or clerk of court employees;

   (2) people or entities, private or governmental, who assist the court in providing court services;

   (3) public agencies whose access to court records is defined by another statute, rule, order, or policy; and

   (4) the parties to a case or their lawyers regarding access to the court record in their case.

   (F) Public Access means the public can inspect and obtain a copy of the information in a court record.

   (G) Remote Access means the ability to electronically search, inspect, or copy information in a court record without the need to physically visit the court facility where the court record is maintained.

   (H) Bulk Distribution means the distribution of all, or a significant subset, of the information in court records, as is and without modification or compilation.

   (I) Compiled Information means information derived from the selection, aggregation, or reformulation of selected information from more than one individual court record.

§ 1-802(D) and (E) amended May 15, 2013.