§ 2-210. Protected information; redacted documents; and documents filed under seal.

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§ 2-210. Protected information; redacted documents; and documents filed under seal.

   (A) Protected information in court records governed by any statute or court rule, including, but not limited to, Neb. Ct. R. §§ 6-1464, 6-1466, 6-1521, 6-1524, and 6-1701, shall not be included in any public filing. By filing protected information in a public document without redaction or failing to request sealing under subsection (C) below, a filer waives the protections set forth in statutes or rules.

   (B) Documents that contain redacted information shall be filed in redacted form. If the filing is unable to be understood with the redacted information, then the filer may proceed under subsection (C) below.

   (C) Where the filer seeks to have the documents, other than those in subsections (A) or (B) above, filed under seal pursuant to an order of the court, the filer shall first file a “motion to seal documents” with the court that contains a description of the document or information sought to be sealed and the rationale for sealing such document or information. See Appendix 2. After the court has entered an order granting the motion and provided a confidential cover page, the filer shall file the document, including the required confidential cover page. No such documents shall be submitted for filing until the court rules on the motion to seal.

   (D) A filer shall file a separate motion for each document or information sought to be sealed, and shall not request multiple documents be sealed within a single motion.

§ 2-210 amendments adopted June 9, 2021, effective January 1, 2022; § 2-210(C) and (D) amended November 17, 2021, effective January 1, 2022.