§ 2-304. Trial court procedure.

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§ 2-304. Trial court procedure.

   (A) The parties, court staff, and judge shall be provided with specific training, instructions, and access to the E-Exhibits System when an authorized court is allowed to use the E-Exhibits System.

   (B) The authorized court shall notify all parties prior to requiring use of the E-Exhibits System in any evidentiary proceeding or trial. Any objection to the use shall be heard and considered by the judge, taking into account access to equipment, internet capabilities, lack of technical expertise, and the interests of justice.

   (C) An authorized court may require parties to provide paper or other physical media copies of exhibits simultaneously with use of the E-Exhibits System.

   (D) The authorized court at any time during a trial or evidentiary proceeding may halt the required use of the E-Exhibits System for malfunction, for lack of sufficient internet or other technology, or when halting the use serves the interests of justice.

§ 2-304 adopted September 26, 2023.