§ 3-100. Supreme Court jurisdiction.

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§ 3-100. Supreme Court jurisdiction.

   (A) The Supreme Court exercises jurisdiction over all matters involving the licensing of persons to practice law in the State of Nebraska. Accordingly, the Supreme Court has adopted the following rules governing admission to the practice of law.

   (B) Every attorney admitted to practice in the State of Nebraska shall pay a bar admissions assessment for each calendar year from January 1 to December 31, payable in advance and subject to a late fee if paid after January 20 of each year, in such amount as may be fixed by the Court. Such assessment shall be used to defray the costs of bar admissions  administration and enforcement as established by these rules. The annual assessment  shall be paid to the Attorney Services Division of the Nebraska Supreme Court through the Court's online system. Different classifications of bar admissions  assessments may be established for Active Jr., Active Sr., Active, Inactive, Military, and Emeritus members as those membership classes are defined in Neb. Ct. R. § 3-803. Members newly admitted to the practice of law in the State of Nebraska shall not pay a bar admissions assessment for the remainder of the calendar year in which they are admitted.

   (C) Members who fail to pay the bar admissions assessment shall be subject to suspension from the practice of law as provided in Neb. Ct. R. § 3-803(E).

§ 3-100 amended December 3, 2013, effective January 1, 2014; § 3-100(B) amended March 19, 2014; § 3-100(B) amended February 12, 2020.