§ 3-120. Conditional admission.

§ 3-120. Conditional admission.

   (A) The Commission may recommend to the Court such conditions for admission as it deems necessary upon its consideration of an application.

   (B) Upon recommendation from the Commission to the Court, an applicant may be granted conditional admission under these rules when it is determined that the protection of the public requires the imposition of conditions and the temporary monitoring of the applicant in question for compliance with the conditions.

   (C) Violation of any condition imposed under this rule shall be self-reported to the Commission by the applicant. Any material violation shall be a prima facie basis for immediate revocation of conditional admission.

   (D) Although the fact of conditional admission is confidential, the applicant may disclose the conditions of admission to any other admitting authority, and the Commission may also do so.

§ 3-120 adopted July 25, 2013, effective August 1, 2013.