§ 3-1011. Commission; creation.

§ 3-1011. Commission; creation.

   (A) There is hereby created a Commission on Unauthorized Practice of Law. The Commission shall be composed of the following members:

   (1) Six attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Nebraska who shall be nominated by the Executive Council of the Nebraska State Bar Association and appointed by the Supreme Court (one attorney member of the Commission shall be appointed from each of the six Supreme Court districts in the state).

   (2) Three laypersons who shall be appointed by the Supreme Court (one layperson shall be appointed from each congressional district in the state).

   (B) Members of the Commission shall serve for terms of 3 years, beginning on the first day of the month after the adoption of these rules, provided that at the time of the implementation of these rules, two attorney members and one layperson shall be appointed for 3 years, two attorneys and one layperson for 2 years, and two attorneys and one layperson for 1 year. Every subsequent appointment shall be for a term of 3 years.

   (C) The Chief Justice shall appoint one member to chair the Commission and one member as the secretary of the Commission.

   (D) Membership on the Commission may be terminated by the Supreme Court at its pleasure, and members may resign at any time. Any vacancy shall be filled by the Chief Justice for the unexpired term.

   (E) The Commission shall adopt rules providing for the time and place of it meetings, the selection of a member to serve as vice chair, and other officers, and such other rules not in conflict with the rules of the Supreme Court as may be necessary for the conduct of its business.

   (F) The Commission by its own rules may sit as three-member panels consisting of two attorneys and one layperson and establish quorums required for its meetings.

   (G) Any rules adopted by the Commission shall be subject to approval by the Supreme Court.

   (H) Members of the Commission shall be entitled to reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

§ 3-1011(C) amended December 3, 2013, effective April 1, 2014.