§ 3-1015. Civil injunction.

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§ 3-1015. Civil injunction.

   (A) If the Commission determines that civil injunction proceedings shall be instituted against a respondent, it shall direct that such proceedings may be commenced in the name of the Commission by a petition filed in the Supreme Court by the CUPL or by a member of the bar appointed by the Supreme Court for the purpose of conducting such proceedings.

   (B) The petition shall be in writing and shall set forth the facts and charges in plain language and with sufficient particularity to inform the respondent of the acts complained of. The petition shall specify requested relief which may include injunction and assessment of the costs of the proceeding. The petition shall be served upon the respondent as provided in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 25-505.01 for service of process in civil cases.

   (C) The respondent shall file with the Supreme Court within 30 days after service a written answer admitting or denying the matter stated in the petition. Thereafter, the matter shall proceed as provided in the Nebraska Court Rules of Pleading in Civil Cases.

   (D) If no written answer is filed within the time permitted, the Supreme Court, upon its motion or upon the motion of the Commission or its counsel, shall decide the case, granting such relief and issuing such other orders as may be appropriate.

   (E) If a written answer raises no question of material fact, any party by motion may request a judgment on the pleadings and the Supreme Court may decide the case as a matter of law, granting such relief and order as may be appropriate.

   (F) Upon the Supreme Court's order, questions of fact raised in proceedings under these rules shall be referred to a Hearing Master to be appointed for that purpose.