§ 3-1019. Contempt proceedings.

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§ 3-1019. Contempt proceedings.

   (A) Noncompliance with any order issued by the Supreme Court regarding the unauthorized practice of law shall be contempt of the Supreme Court punishable as provided in Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 25-2121 through 25-2123, inclusive.

   (B) If the Commission determines that contempt proceedings shall be instituted against a respondent or the Supreme Court directs the Commission to institute such action, such proceedings may be commenced in the name of the Commission by an application filed in the Supreme Court by the CUPL or by a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association in good standing appointed by the Supreme Court for the purpose of conducting such proceedings.

   (C) The application shall allege facts indicating that the respondent has previously been enjoined by the Supreme Court from engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and is in willful disobedience of the order of injunction of the Supreme Court by continuing to engage in the same conduct held to be the unauthorized practice of law in that order, and shall contain a prayer for the issuance of a contempt citation.

   (D) Upon the filing of an application, the Supreme Court may issue an order directing the respondent to show cause in writing why the respondent should not be held in contempt of the Supreme Court for the willful disobedience of the order and injunction of the Supreme Court.

   (E) If an order to show cause is issued, it shall be served upon the respondent, together with a copy of the application, and the citation shall specify the time for response. If a response is filed, the Supreme Court may appoint a Hearing Master to resolve disputed issues of fact.