§ 3-316. Notification requirements by disbarred or suspended members.

§ 3-316. Notification requirements by disbarred or suspended members.

   (A) Whenever a member is disbarred or suspended from the practice of law or surrenders his or her license under § 3-315, such member shall:

   (1) Notify in writing all of the member's present clients of such fact, and

   (2) Assist each client in obtaining a member of the client's choice to complete all matters being handled by him or her, and

   (3) Promptly refund all client funds and close all attorney trust accounts if the imposed sanction is greater than a 30-day suspension. A trust account may remain open if, after a reasonable search, the client or clients eligible to receive funds cannot be located, and

   (4) Notify in writing all members and nonresident attorneys involved in pending legal or other matters being handled by the member of his or her altered status, and

   (5) Return to the Clerk the member's Nebraska State Bar Association membership card if any such card remains in the possession of the member at the time of being disbarred or suspended.

   (6) Within thirty days from the date of said disbarment, suspension, or voluntary surrender, file an affidavit with the Court, stating full compliance with the requirements of this rule and shall simultaneously submit evidence of full compliance.

   (7) Every order (judgment) of disbarment or suspension shall direct the Respondent to comply with § 3-316.

   (8) The Clerk shall notify the Court, in writing, of the compliance or noncompliance of the Respondent with § 3-316. Noncompliance shall be contempt of court.

Rule 16 amended November 10, 2004. Renumbered and codified as § 3-316, effective July 18, 2008. § 3-316(A)(5) amended March 19, 2014.