§ 3-401.4. CLE requirement.

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§ 3-401.4. CLE requirement.

   (A) Active members of the Nebraska State Bar Association admitted to engage in the active practice of law in this state shall complete a minimum of ten (10) hours of accredited or approved CLE in each annual reporting period. Of the ten (10) hours, at least two (2) hours shall be in the area of professional responsibility.

   (B) CLE credit hours for each attorney shall be reported to the Director as set forth in these rules and in the manner prescribed by the Nebraska Supreme Court. Reporting shall be completed in electronic form using the MCLE on-line system.

   (C) An attorney completing more than ten (10) CLE credit hours during the annual reporting period may receive credit in the next succeeding annual reporting period for the CLE credit hours earned in excess of ten (10) hours if the proposed carryover consists of regular/traditional credits earned in a setting in which the presenter is present with the attendees, and provided that the excess CLE credit hours carried over into the next succeeding annual reporting period may not exceed five (5) hours. CLE credit hours in the area of professional responsibility are an annual requirement, and those credit hours shall not roll over.

§ 3-401.4(C) amended November 12, 2009; § 3-401.4(B) amended November 16, 2011; § 3-401.4(C) amended March 28, 2012.