§ 3-401.6. Accredited CLE sponsors: procedure for accreditation of sponsors.

§ 3-401.6. Accredited CLE sponsors: procedure for accreditation of sponsors.

   An accredited CLE sponsor is a person or organization who has qualified as such under this rule. The programs of an accredited CLE sponsor shall be automatically approved for CLE credit so long as its status as an accredited CLE sponsor remains active, the $25 fee required by § 3-401.6(D) has been received by the Director no later than ten (10) days prior to the program being offered, the reporting requirements of § 3-401.9 have been agreed to by the sponsor, and there has been no revocation by the Director.

   (A) An organization or person desiring to become an accredited CLE sponsor may apply for accreditation to the Director. Such application shall be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to any educational activity. An accredited CLE sponsor's programs shall meet the educational standards of § 3-401.7. The Director may grant an application for accreditation as an accredited CLE sponsor if he or she is satisfied that the applicant's programs meet the standards set forth in § 3-401.7 and provided the applicant complies with the following:

   (1) The person or organization submits to the Director, on a form approved for that purpose, information on CLE programs offered during the two (2) years immediately preceding the request for accredited CLE sponsor status. If the person or organization has been offering CLE courses for five (5) years or less, the Director may, at his or her discretion, request submission of course materials for inspection.

   (2) The sponsor pays a one-time nonrefundable accreditation fee of $200.

   (B) Accreditation is not approved until the sponsor is notified in writing by the Director.

   (C) The Director may, at any time, reevaluate the programs being presented by an accredited CLE sponsor. If, after such reevaluation, the Director finds there is cause for revocation of the accreditation of a sponsor, he or she shall provide written notice of such cause to the sponsor and shall allow the sponsor fifteen (15) days to show cause to the Director why such accreditation should not be revoked. If such sponsor fails to adequately show cause why the accreditation should not be revoked, the Director may revoke the accreditation and shall promptly notify the sponsor of such decision. In addition, if the Director in his or her judgment concludes that a course fails to meet the educational standards for approval set forth in § 3-401.7, he or she may deny or withdraw approval for the course even though offered by an accredited sponsor.

   (D) An accredited CLE sponsor shall pay a nonrefundable fee of $25 for each occasion a course or program is offered by that sponsor under these rules.

§ 3-401.6 amended November 12, 2009.