§ 3-813. Enabling rules.

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§ 3-813. Enabling rules.

   (A) Bylaws. The present bylaws of this Association shall continue, so far as applicable, under these rules until new bylaws hereunder shall be adopted.

   (B) Effective Date. These rules shall become effective on January 1, 2014.

   (C) Terms of House of Delegates and Executive Council Members. All previously elected members of the House of Delegates and of the Executive Council shall complete their respective terms as existing under the rules of this Association, prior to the effective date hereof. Upon the effective date of this rule, all elected members thereof shall take office upon the termination of the terms of such previously elected members.

   (D) Terms of Officers. In the event these amended rules shall become effective prior to the date of the Annual Meeting of this Association, as previously fixed, all officers serving at the time of such effective date shall finish out their respective terms, and their successors shall be elected in accordance with the provisions hereof.

§ 3-813(B) amended December 3, 2013, effective January 1, 2014.