§ 5-121. Confidentiality.

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§ 5-121. Confidentiality.

   (A) All papers filed with and proceedings before the commission or masters appointed by the Supreme Court prior to a reprimand or formal hearing shall be confidential. However, the confidentiality of such papers and proceedings may be waived in writing by a judge or a former judge

   (1) if the existence of the investigation or complaint has become publicly known, so that the results of the action of the commission can also be made public, or

   (2) if the judge or former judge is an applicant for judicial office, so that the existence of any pending complaints can be made known to the appropriate judicial nominating commission.

   (B) Even in the absence of such written waiver by a judge or former judge, the commission may immediately forward a copy of any complaint to such judge if the complainant makes a copy of such complaint public.