§ 5-302.5. Competence, diligence, and cooperation.

§ 5-302.5. Competence, diligence, and cooperation.

   (A) A judge shall perform judicial and administrative duties, competently and diligently.

   (B) A judge shall cooperate with other judges and court officials in the administration of court business.


   [1] Competence in the performance of judicial duties requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation reasonably necessary to perform a judge's responsibilities of judicial office.

   [2] A judge should seek the necessary docket time, court staff, expertise, and resources to discharge all adjudicative and administrative responsibilities.

   [3] Prompt disposition of the court's business requires a judge to devote adequate time to judicial duties, to be punctual in attending court and expeditious in determining matters under submission, and to take reasonable measures to ensure that court officials, litigants, and their lawyers cooperate with the judge to that end.

   [4] In disposing of matters promptly and efficiently, a judge must demonstrate due regard for the rights of parties to be heard and to have issues resolved without unnecessary cost or delay. A judge should monitor and supervise cases in ways that reduce or eliminate dilatory practices, avoidable delays, and unnecessary costs.

   NOTE: The Nebraska Supreme Court has adopted case progression standards at Neb. Ct. R. §§ 6-101 through 6-104, and has adopted a rule concerning the filing of cases under advisement reports, as set forth in Appendix B herein.

§ 5-302.5 amended January 31, 2018.