§ 5-303.16. Conducting marriage ceremonies.

§ 5-303.16. Conducting marriage ceremonies.

   (A) The performance of marriage ceremonies by a judge during courthouse hours is permitted if there is no gift, honorarium, or payment of any kind received for such service. Courthouse hours include all hours when the court is open and in session, or the clerk's office is open, including noon/lunch hours.

   (B) A judge may accept a reasonable fee, honorarium, gratuity, gift, or contribution* to perform a marriage ceremony during noncourthouse hours, whether the ceremony is performed in the court or away from the court.

   (C) Compensation, fees, honorarium, gratuities, gifts, or contributions derived from marriages shall be subject to public reporting. See Rule 3.15.

   (D) Compensation does not include a meal provided to the judge in connection with the celebration of the marriage.

§ 5-303.16 amended September 14, 2022, effective January 1, 2023.