§ 6-105. Cases under advisement.

§ 6-105. Cases under advisement.

   (A) No later than the 5th day of each month, each judge shall submit a report form with the State Court Administrator which sets forth:

   (1) Whether any matter has been under advisement for more than 90 days. For district court judges, this includes appeals from county court to district court.

   (2) If so, the title and number of the case, the nature of the matter for decision, the date it was taken under advisement, and the reason it has not been decided.

   (B) A matter is taken under advisement on the date all evidence has been received, or if there is no evidence, the date the legal issue has been heard by the judge. If briefing is allowed after the date of the hearing, the date taken under advisement shall be thirty (30) days after the date of the hearing. Time for filing briefs shall not otherwise affect the date the matter is taken under advisement.

   (C) If a presentence investigation has been requested, the matter is not under advisement until the presentence investigation report is received by the court. Do not include cases in which a bench warrant has been issued.

   (D)The Report of Cases Under Advisement form shall be the form prescribed by Appendix 1. The completed form shall be transmitted electronically to the electronic mail address specified in Appendix 1.

§ 6-105 adopted September 7, 2022; § 6-105 amended December 13, 2023, effective April 1, 2024.