§ 6-1454. Criminal proceedings before clerk magistrates.

§ 6-1454. Criminal proceedings before clerk magistrates.

   Each clerk magistrate in the State of Nebraska is authorized to conduct arraignments, accept pleas of guilty and nolo contendere, and impose penalties as set forth below:

   (A) Waivers. The clerk magistrate may accept pleas of guilty and impose fines on all offenses set out in the waiver/fine schedule approved by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

   (B) Arraignments. The clerk magistrate may conduct arraignments and accept pleas of guilty, not guilty, and nolo contendere on any waiverable offense, on any other infractions, misdemeanors, or violations of city ordinances. The clerk magistrate may impose penalties on any infractions, Class III, IV, or V misdemeanors, first offense Class W misdemeanors, or any violations of city ordinances. Penalties imposed by the clerk magistrate under this section are not limited to the fines on the uniform waiver schedule and may include probation. Such penalties shall not be in excess of statutory limits and shall not include imprisonment. A record shall be made of all arraignments conducted by the clerk magistrate. The presiding judge of each judicial district shall provide the clerk magistrate with a written verbatim arraignment form which shall be followed by the clerk magistrate to ensure that the defendant is properly advised of the charges made against him or her, the statutory language stating the offense, the possible penalties which could be imposed, and the necessary constitutional rights.

   (C) Bond Setting. When a defendant appears before the clerk magistrate and the case is continued for further hearing, the clerk magistrate shall order the defendant to appear on a date certain and shall release the defendant or set bond with appropriate conditions as statutorily provided.

   (D) Other Duties. All other duties of clerk magistrate shall be pursuant to state statute.

Rule 54 adopted September 1987. Renumbered and codified as § 6-1454, effective July 18, 2008.