§ 6-1510. Withdrawal of counsel.

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§ 6-1510. Withdrawal of counsel.

   (A) Upon motion for withdrawal and notice to all counsel and the client involved, an attorney who has appeared of record in a case may be given leave to withdraw for good cause shown after filing with the clerk the motion, notice of hearing, and proof of service upon opposing counsel and the client involved. The motion shall certify that counsel has served the client and all counsel or self-represented parties, and shall include the client's current mailing address and whether there is a hearing currently scheduled in the matter.

   (B) Upon entry of any judgment or final order in any case, and after the time for appeal has expired, the attorney of record shall no longer be deemed to continue as the attorney of record unless he or she shall have entered a new appearance in the case.

   (C) When an attorney is discharged by his or her client, the attorney shall forthwith file notice thereof in the case and serve all opposing counsel and/or self-represented parties.

§ 6-1510 amended June 9, 2021, effective January 1, 2022; § 6-1510 amended November 17, 2021, effective January 1, 2022.