§ 6-1512. Duties of court personnel.

§ 6-1512. Duties of court personnel.

   (A) Sheriff's Duties: The sheriff or designated deputy shall be in attendance at all times when the court is in session, unless excused by the court.

The sheriff shall maintain order in the courtroom and shall correct or repress all improper deportment so as not to interrupt the orderly process of the court, without any express order from the court.

   (B) Bailiff's Duties: The bailiff shall have and carry out such duties as may be assigned to the bailiff by the court, including, but not limited to, the following:

Before beginning each session of court, the bailiff shall see that the jury and all required court personnel are in their proper places, and the bailiff shall notify the court. The bailiff shall be responsible for the comfort and welfare of any juror under the bailiff's charge and for compliance with the rules attendant on jurors. The bailiff shall immediately notify the court of all communications from the jurors to the bailiff, and the bailiff shall not respond to any such communication without the direction of the court.

   (C) Duties of the Clerk of the Court:

   (1) The clerk of the district court shall be present at all times during the sessions of the court, either in person or by deputy, unless excused by the court.

   (2) The clerk shall prepare and maintain such dockets and records as may be required by the court, Supreme Court rule, or the statutes of Nebraska.

   (3) The clerk shall have the following duties in addition to all statutory duties, if so directed by the court:

   (a) The clerk shall immediately, upon receipt, notify the court and sheriff of the return of any mandate from the Nebraska Supreme Court in every criminal case, and notify the court in every civil case.

   (b) The clerk shall have such other and additional duties, not inconsistent with the responsibilities of the office, as may be directed by the court.