§ 6-1516. Jury trials.

§ 6-1516. Jury trials.

   (A) Voir Dire Examination of Prospective Jurors:

   (1) Questions are to be asked collectively of the entire panel whenever possible.

   (2) The case may not be argued in any way while questioning the jurors.

   (3) Prospective jurors may not be questioned concerning anticipated instructions or theories of law and may not be asked for promises or commitments as to the kind of verdict they would return under any given circumstance.

   (B) Objections and Motions: Objections and motions during trial, and the grounds therefor, shall be briefly and succinctly stated to the trial judge. If either counsel desires to be heard further, a request may be made to the trial judge, but arguments on such matters shall not be made without permission of the court.

   (C) Argument to Jury: The length of time allotted to each side for the final argument shall be determined by the court, after giving due consideration to the nature and duration of the trial and the amount of time requested by each side.