§ 6-2002. Definitions.

§ 6-2002. Definitions.

   (A) Conference. A conference refers to any conversation between attorneys and their clients, between co-attorneys, between attorneys and the judicial officer and court staff held at the bench, judicial chambers, or judicial staff offices. It extends to include attorney’s notepads, computer screens, or any communication intended to be private or confidential.

   (B) Credentials. News media which has consented to providing expanded news media coverage in compliance with the Rules for Expanded News Media, Neb. Ct. R. §§ 6-2001 through 6-2005, and demonstrated proficiency in providing expanded news media coverage may, upon application with and the approval of the Public Information Office of the Nebraska Supreme Court, be considered qualified for credentialing by the Public Information Officer.

   (C) Expanded News Media Coverage. Expanded news media coverage includes broadcasting, recording, photographing, and live electronic reporting of judicial proceedings by the news media for gathering and disseminating news in any medium.

   (1) Electronic device notetaking does not constitute expanded news media coverage. See § 6-2003(N).

   (D) Good Cause. Good cause means a substantial reason; one that affords a justifiable basis which is a subjective, factual question within the sole discretion of the judicial officer. A finding of good cause by the judicial officer for exclusion, suspension, or termination of expanded news media coverage does not constitute closing in whole or in part judicial proceedings as promulgated in Neb. Ct. R. §§ 6-201 through 6-205.

   (E) Judicial Officer. Judicial Officer is any presiding judge of the judicial district and any Nebraska judge or clerk magistrate presiding over the case in which expanded news media coverage under these rules applies.

   (F) Judicial Proceedings or Proceedings. All public trials, hearings, or other proceedings in a trial court, for which expanded news media is requested, except as specifically excluded by these rules.

   (G) News Media. Any authorized representative of a news organization that has been credentialed by the Public Information Officer of the Nebraska Supreme Court.

   (H) News Media Coordinator. Coordinators include only those designated by the Nebraska Supreme Court (see § 6-2004(B)).

§ 6-2002 adopted December 21, 2016, effective March 1, 2017; § 6-2002(A) amended June 24, 2020; § 6-2002 amended March 10, 2021.