§ 6-2101. Purpose.

§ 6-2101. Purpose.

   It is the intent of the Nebraska Judicial Branch that court proceedings shall be open to the public unless otherwise required by law. When the public is prohibited or otherwise limited from attending court proceedings at the courthouse by reasons outside of the public’s control, use of livestreaming technology is an appropriate method to allow public access to court proceedings.

   The Nebraska Supreme Court hereby authorizes approved Nebraska trial courts to use court-authorized video technology to livestream any court proceeding where the public would otherwise have the right to attend in person.

   Livestreaming of court proceedings is limited to a pilot project beginning on the date of adoption of this rule, in trial courts where the technology is available, and as authorized by the Nebraska Supreme Court. A schedule shall be implemented by the Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation, and shall inform the public of those courtrooms where livestreaming may occur.

   The following rules are hereby adopted for this livestream pilot:

§ 6-2101 adopted July 1, 2020.