§ 6-704. Examination for interpreter certification.

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§ 6-704. Examination for interpreter certification.

   (A) Submission of Application. An individual who is desirous of being considered for certification as a certified, provisionally certified, or a registered interpreter as defined in these rules, in a particular language, must submit an application, on form(s) approved by the State Court Administrator, to the office of the State Court Administrator.

   (B) Evaluation of Application. The State Court Administrator will evaluate the application and determine if the applicant meets the initial qualification requirements of §§ 6-7056-706, or 6-707 (minimum age and absence of criminal convictions and/or pending charges based on criminal history record check). If initial qualification requirements are met, applicants will be required to take a 2-day orientation.

   (C) Orientation for interpreters will include an introduction to Nebraska Courts and court proceedings, the ethics of a court interpreter, vocabulary, and the skills needed to assume the responsibilities of a court interpreter and meet the requirements for certification or provisional certification as outlined in §§ 6-705 and 6-706. After completing orientation, applicants will be required to take a written examination. 

   (D) Written Examination. The written examination to qualify to take the oral examination of § 6-705(D) or be considered for provisional certification pursuant to § 6-706(F), shall require no fee and shall consist of three parts: general English language vocabulary, court-related terms and usage, and ethics and professional conduct. The written examination will be administered at such times and places as the State Court Administrator may designate. The State Court Administrator shall waive this requirement for any interpreter who has previously taken the oral interpreter competency examination of § 6-704(E). If the applicant achieves a passing score (80 percent or higher) on the written examination, the applicant shall then be required to take an oral examination, if available for the interpreter's language, or provide documentation to support consideration for provisional certification.

   (E) Oral Examination. Oral examinations in specific languages will consist of three components: sight interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation. Such examinations will be administered at such times and places as the State Court Administrator may designate. Results of the oral certification examinations will be e-mailed or mailed by regular U.S. Mail to the applicant, per applicant's request.

   (F) Confidentiality. All information relating to the examination is treated as confidential by the State Court Administrator and test administrators except that statistical information relating to the examinations and applicants may be released at the discretion of the State Court Administrator.

§ 6-704 adopted October 21, 2009; § 6-704(A)-(D) amended March 16, 2011.