Training for Trainers Graduates Second Group This Year, Third Planned in October

Training for Trainers Graduates Second Group This Year, Third Planned in October

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

This year’s second offering of Training for Trainers (T4T) was held July 15-18 at JBE. The class included five Probation staff and eight Court staff. Participants learned the characteristics of adult learners and how to design lessons to accommodate them. Class activities offered chances to practice applying learning strategies in simulated teaching scenarios. Lessons provided proven tactics on handling disruptive behaviors and described how a classroom’s configuration can affect classroom management. A new lesson was introduced that demonstrated how to set-up and properly use classroom technologies.

Each participant delivered a 4-minute lesson in front of the class while being video-recorded. The recording was then analyzed to identify what went well with the delivery and what needs improved. On the final day of T4T, teams presented a 45-minute lesson that incorporated all that was learned during the previous days.

After completing T4T, participants are well prepared to plan their own lessons and train groups of adult learners with multiple learning styles and backgrounds. The next offering of T4T is scheduled for October 21-25.

T4T Group

Photo: Back row (L to R): Greg Sunderman (trainer), Adrian Hinojosa, MaryPat Coe, Courtney Quattrocchi, Kim Grant, Jane Sutherland, Jamie Fisher, Chris Hepburn, Andrew Cano, Jennifer Verhein, and Sherri Gelvin (trainer). Front row (L to R): Niki Svik (trainer), Samantha DeWit, Kimberly Ager, Christina Werner, and Catherine Allen.