Troy Bird

The Mediation Center
Supervisory Status
SADR Trained

I've been a licensed attorney for nearly 6 years handling civil litigation including domestic relations and juvenile cases. I have ample experience establishing paternity, custody, child support, dividing assets and liabilities and all other facets of cases. As a law student, I completed an externship with The Mediation Center. I received my Basic Mediator Training during law school, and continued to be involved with small claims mediations as well as sitting in on Parenting Act mediations. During and after the externship, I've sat in on or participated in at least 10 full mediations, the majority of which were Parenting Act mediations. I participated in the Family Mediation Training at The Mediation Center and have since participated in two or three mediations as a mediator. I have also participated in numerous family group councils and other mediations regarding juveniles. I have also been through mediation on two separate occasions as a party. I'm fluent in Spanish.