Rule 3-6. Attorney Attire

Rule 3-6. Attorney Attire

   Attorneys shall be attired in business wear while present in court, whether in the courtroom or in chambers.

   Unacceptable attire includes T-shirts, sleeveless tops such as tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti-strap tops, or any top that does not completely cover the midriff area, clothing which is excessively tight, low-cut, revealing, or sheer, shorts, denim, flip-flop sandals, slippers, Crocs, or tennis shoes (unless medically necessary).

   Business wear for women includes suits, dresses, skirts (extending below the fingertip), or dress slacks (Capri pants can be worn if they are no shorter than mid-calf length and are worn in the same manner as dress slacks, i.e., with a jacket or dress shirt). Dress shoes are required.

   Business wear for men includes suits, collared shirts and ties, and dress slacks worn with jackets. Dress shoes are required.

Approved effective September 29, 1995; Rule 3-6(A) amended January 3, 2003; original Rule 3-6 deleted and replaced, February 2019, approved May 1, 2019.