Rule 3-7. Court Files

Rule 3-7. Court Files

   A. No person, except the judges or the clerk, shall take from the courthouse or out of the office or possession of the clerk, any records, papers or files of the court pertaining to the causes therein, except by permission of the clerk, upon such conditions as the judges may impose. Any file so removed shall be returned to the clerk within 24 hours, unless otherwise ordered by a judge of the court.

   B. Any request for court records made to the clerk by an incarcerated person shall be made through the records manager of the institution at which the inmate is housed. If the request is granted by the court, the incarcerated person shall be provided with copies made at the direction of the court. Original court records, including bills of exceptions shall not be provided to an incarcerated person.

   C. Any damage, destruction, or alteration of an original court record, or any part thereof, by any pro se litigant requesting such record, whether he or she be incarcerated, may result in suspension of the privilege to check out original court records from the clerk.

   D. No one, other than an official court reporter, may take the bill of exceptions apart for any purpose, without written authorization from the court.

Approved effective September 29, 1995; Rule 3-7(B) and (C) amended December 20, 2000; Rule 3-7(B) amended January 3, 2003; Rule 3-7(D) amended January 3, 2003.