Rule 3-8. Case Progression

Rule 3-8. Case Progression

   A. As soon after filing of a case as is practicable, the court may enter an order of progression for the case. These orders may include:

   (1) A date when all depositions and discovery allowed by law shall be completed and foreclosing reopening, except upon order for good cause shown;

   (2) a date, time and place for pretrial conference; and

   (3) a date and time for trial.

   B. In the months of May and November of each year, or when otherwise directed by the court or any one of the judges, the clerk shall prepare a list of all pending civil cases and a list of all equity cases in which no action has been taken for six months prior thereto. An order shall then be entered requiring that cause be shown, within 30 days from the entry of said show cause order, as to why said cases shall not be dismissed for want of prosecution. Notice of said order shall be sent by mail to the attorney of record, or parties, if no attorney of record. If good cause is not shown, such cases shall be dismissed.

Approved effective September 29, 1995; amended December 23, 1999.