Spanish-Language Guardian & Conservator Education Course Offered

Spanish-Language Guardian & Conservator Education Course Offered

Monday, March 1, 2021

For guardians and conservators who prefer Spanish-language instruction, the Nebraska Office of Public Guardian has developed a Spanish version of Nebraska’s mandatory education course.

Guardian & Conservator Education is a court-ordered course for all individuals in the process of becoming guardians or conservators for vulnerable adults or children. The course helps people learn to navigate guardianship and conservatorship, both in the courts and at home. Participants learn how to fill-out ongoing court forms, promote the dignity and autonomy of wards/protected persons, and implement least-restrictive alternatives.

The online format of the course is convenient, accessible, and less expensive than other education formats. The course is $20 per person and takes about 4-hours to complete. Certificates of completion are issued at the end of the course.

Additional information about the course, including access to registration, can be found at the Office of Public Guardian’s website.