§ 1-504. Requirements for individual course approval.

§ 1-504. Requirements for individual course approval.

   (A) The primary objective of judicial branch education is to increase the professional competence of judicial branch employees and to assist the employees in providing appropriate judicial branch services. Judicial branch education credits will be granted for a particular activity if the Committee determines that the activity meets the following standards:

   (1) It constitutes an organized program of learning, including a lecture, workshop, or symposium, which contributes directly to the professional competency of the judicial branch employee;

   (2) It pertains to subject matter having significant intellectual or practical content relating to the administration of justice or to the education of judges with respect to their professional or ethical obligations; and

   (3) It is conducted or taught by individuals who have appropriate academic or practical skills to conduct the course effectively and who have special education, training, or experience. It provides each attendee with written course materials which substantively pertain to the subject matter of the program. The materials shall be of a quality and quantity which indicate that adequate time has been devoted to their preparation and will be of value to the attendees in their employment.

   (B) During all courses, including those presented by telecommunications or utilizing other educational technologies, there should be an opportunity to ask questions of the course faculty. If a faculty member is not available either in person or via telephone, then a qualified commentator should be available to offer comment and answer questions in writing or via e-mail.

   (C) Programs, seminars, or activities that cross professional lines, such as medical-legal programs or humanity programs, may be approved if the committee determines that the standards set forth herein are satisfied.

   (D) The Principles and Standards of Nebraska Judicial Education are hereby adopted.

§ 1-504(B) amended April 13, 2011.