§ 1-505. Accreditation of sponsors and approval of programs.

§ 1-505. Accreditation of sponsors and approval of programs.

   (A) If the Committee is satisfied that a sponsor's program meets the requirements set forth in § 1-504, the Committee may accredit such sponsor and its program without formal application from such sponsor as required in § 1-505(B).

   (B) An organization or person desiring accreditation as a sponsor of courses, programs, or other judicial branch education activities, not otherwise accredited by the Committee, may apply for accreditation to the Committee. The Committee shall accredit a sponsor if it is satisfied that the sponsor's program will meet the standards set forth in § 1-504.

   (C) A sponsor wishing to apply for accredited-sponsor status shall submit to the Committee, on a form approved for that purpose, information on other judicial branch education programs offered during the 2 years immediately preceding the request for accredited sponsor status. If the sponsor has been offering judicial branch education courses for 5 years or less, the Committee may, at its discretion, request submission of course materials for inspection.

   (D) The Committee may at any time reevaluate an accredited sponsor. If after such reevaluation the Committee finds there is cause for revocation of the accreditation of a sponsor, the Committee shall issue a show cause order why such accreditation should not be revoked and the Committee may, at its discretion, hold a hearing thereafter and may revoke the accreditation of the sponsor. If the Committee in its judgment concludes that a course fails to meet the standards for approval, it may deny or withhold approval for the course even though offered by an accredited sponsor.

   (E) An organization or person, other than an accredited sponsor, desiring prior approval of a course, program, or other judicial branch education activity, or a judge or judicial branch employee of this State who desires to have such activity approved for judicial education branch credit prior to attendance, shall apply for approval to the Committee at least 45 days before the activity. The Committee shall approve or deny such application in writing within 30 days of receiving the application.

   (F) A judge or judicial branch employee seeking credit for participation in an education activity for which credits were not approved in advance by the Committee shall, before or after the activity, submit to the Committee a written report which includes a brief resume of the activity; its dates, subjects, and instructors and their qualifications; and a copy of the program outline, brochure, or other documentation upon which the Committee can make a determination as to the credits to which the applicant is entitled. Within a reasonable time after receipt of the written report and accompanying materials, not to exceed 90 days, the Committee shall advise the judge or judicial branch employee in writing of the number of credits, if any, being granted.

   (G) Credit will be given on a reciprocal basis to programs approved by continuing judicial education committees or continuing legal education committees of other jurisdictions on an hour-by-hour basis.

   (H) During all courses, including those presented by telecommunications or utilizing other educational technologies, there must be an opportunity to ask questions of the course faculty. If a faculty member is not available either in person or via telephone, then a qualified commentator must be available to offer comment and answer questions directly, in writing, or via e-mail.

   (I) Sponsors of courses who have been approved may announce in information brochures or registration materials: "Subject to the Nebraska Supreme Court Judicial Branch Education Rules, this course has been approved by the Judicial Branch Education Committee for a maximum of ___ credits." Sponsors of courses for which approval has been sought, but not yet received, may announce: "Application for judicial branch education credit approval of this activity in Nebraska is currently pending."