§ 3-126. Appeal to Supreme Court; procedure.

§ 3-126. Appeal to Supreme Court; procedure.

   (A) Any applicant entitled to appeal from a final adverse decision of the Commission in accordance with § 3-123 must file a notice of appeal with the Clerk of the Supreme Court within 30 days following the date notice of the decision was mailed to the applicant at the address given to the Commission by the applicant at the time of the hearing before the Commission.

   (B) The notice of appeal shall be accompanied by a written statement setting forth the nature of the case, the reason for the appeal, and the facts and pertinent authorities upon which the applicant relies. No fee will be charged for filing the appeal.

   (C) The Supreme Court may appoint a master, who, after hearing the arguments of the applicant and the Commission, shall make findings and report them to the Court, together with a recommended disposition. A copy of such report shall be forwarded to the applicant on the same day the report is filed with the Court. The applicant shall have 14 days from the filing of the report within which to file a response, if any, as the applicant may wish to make.

   (D) If no hearing before a master occurs, the Supreme Court shall consider the matter de novo on the record made at the hearing before the Commission, including such proceedings as may have been recorded pursuant to § 3-123.

§ 3-126 adopted July 25, 2013, effective August 1, 2013; § 3-126 amended February 12, 2020; § 3-126 amended October 28, 2020.