§ 3-127. Confidentiality.

§ 3-127. Confidentiality.

   (A) All documents and files concerning applications for permission to take the bar examination and for admission by motion to the practice of law shall be confidential.

   (B) All proceedings provided for herein shall be kept confidential until and unless the applicant waives his or her right to confidentiality either by written waiver or by conduct.

   (C) Information provided to the director or Commission during the investigation of the character and fitness of an applicant shall be confidential and not be subject to disclosure until a review by the Commission pursuant to § 3-123.

   (D) Any person who seeks admission to practice law in the State of Nebraska shall agree to waive all rights of privacy with reference to any and all documentary material filed or secured in connection with the applicant's application. The applicant shall also agree that any such documentary material, including the application, may be offered into evidence, without objection by the applicant in any proceeding in regard to the applicant's admission to the practice of law.

   (E) Nebraska law schools shall be provided information indicating pass rates and scores per area of law and lists of those candidates who passed and failed the bar examination. Out-of-state law schools will be provided names of those passing and failing the bar examination. The law schools shall not publicly disseminate performance information other than overall pass rates and pass rates per number of times taking the examination, except as may be required by law or accreditation rules, and shall not disclose any identifiable information about an examinee.

§ 3-127 adopted July 25, 2013, effective August 1, 2013; § 3-127(C) amended January 14, 2015; § 3-127(C) and (E) amended February 12, 2020; § 3-127(E) amended June 16, 2021.