§ 3-1202. Application requirements.

§ 3-1202. Application requirements.

   To qualify, the lawyer must submit to the Attorney Services Division of the Nebraska Supreme Court the following:

   (A) A completed application by responding to the questions posed through the Attorney Services Division on-line portal.

   (B) A certificate of good standing from the highest court of each jurisdiction of admission which shall be uploaded through the on-line portal account.

   (C) A certificate from the disciplinary authority of each jurisdiction of admission which shall be uploaded through the on-line portal account and:

   (1) States that the lawyer has not been suspended, disbarred, or disciplined and that no charges of professional misconduct are pending; or

   (2) Identifies any suspensions, disbarments, or disciplinary sanctions and any pending charges.

   (D) A duly authorized and executed certification from the lawyer's employer utilizing the form provided by the Attorney Services Division shall be uploaded through the on-line portal account and provides that:

   (1) It is not engaged in the practice of law or the rendering of legal services in violation of Neb. Ct. R. §§ 3-1001 to 3-1021, Unauthorized Practice of Law, whether for a fee or otherwise;

   (2) It is duly qualified to do business under the laws of its organization and the laws of the State of Nebraska;

   (3) The lawyer works exclusively as an employee of said employer as of the date of the application; and

   (4) It will promptly notify the Attorney Services Division in writing of the termination of the lawyer's employment.

   (E) Such other affidavits, proofs, and documentation as may be required by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

   (F) The registration fee of $700 shall be paid through the on-line portal for credit to the Nebraska Supreme Court's Counsel for Discipline Cash Fund and the Attorney Services Cash Fund. If the application for registration as in-house counsel is denied by the Nebraska Supreme Court, the registration fee shall be refunded.

§ 3-1202(A) amended April 10, 2013; § 3-1202 amended December 18, 2019, effective January 1, 2020.