§ 3-1203. Termination or change of employment and renewal.

§ 3-1203. Termination or change of employment and renewal.

   (A) Termination of employment. When a lawyer ceases to be employed as in-house counsel with the entity submitting the certification under § 3-1202(D), the lawyer's authorization to perform legal services under this rule terminates. The lawyer shall provide notice to the Attorney Services Division of the termination through the on-line portal account and the employer shall immediately notify the Supreme Court Attorney Services Division in writing that the employment has ended.

   (B) Change of employers. If within 90 days of ceasing to be employed by the employer submitting the certification under § 3-1202(D), the lawyer becomes employed as in-house counsel by another employer who meets the requirements of this rule, the lawyer's registration shall be reinstated for the remainder of the calendar year after the new employer provides the certification required under § 3-1202(D).

   (C) Failure to maintain active status. If a lawyer who is registered under this rule fails to maintain active status in at least one jurisdiction, the rights and privileges under this rule automatically terminate.

   (D) Any lawyer registered under this rule shall renew registration through the on-line portal account on or before January 20 setting forth the requirements of § 3-1202(B) through (D) and pay the annual renewal fee of $345 to the Nebraska Supreme Court through the on-line portal for credit to the Nebraska Supreme Court's Counsel for Discipline Cash Fund and the Attorney Services Cash Fund.

   (E) Any lawyer who fails to file the annual renewal on or before January 20 shall pay an additional late fee of $25.

§ 3-1203(D) amended April 10, 2013; § 3-1203 amended December 18, 2019, effective January 1, 2020.