25. Workweek and Work Schedule

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25. Workweek and Work Schedule

   The designated workweek shall be from 8 a.m. on Friday to 7:59 a.m. the following Friday. All employees shall be informed of the designated workweek. All Judicial Branch full-time employees shall account for at least 40 hours of work or authorized leave time per workweek. Any leave hours used shall be deducted from an employee's leave balance.

   For nonexempt employees, actual hours worked, as well as authorized leave taken, during each workweek shall be recorded on the employee’s time sheet and shall be compensated at straight time. Hours worked in excess of 40 hours will be compensated as provided in rule 25(B).

   Management sets each employee's work schedule. The workweek and work schedule of each employee shall be documented by each office.

Amended 7-9-15; amended 5-1-19.